Grant View公寓, Acquired (through 1031 Exchange), 2018 - $7,750,000. Realty Yield coordinated financing (loan assumption).

收购了惠灵顿 广场的公寓


& Grant View公寓


时间轴: 2012年至今

接触类型: Acquisition-s, 1031 Exchange, Arrange Financing

网赌正规真人实体在线平台收益作用: Buyer's Agent, 1031 Exchange Coordination, Mortgage Broker

投资者现金/资本: 2012: ~$700,000 (1031 Funds), 2018: Part 1- $1,890,000 (1031 Funds) + Part 2- $883,835 (1031 Funds)

客户: 埃里克一


Professional California investor was looking to reallocate some capital that was invested in the high price Northern California marketplace into the more attractive and affordable Portland, 俄勒冈州MSA. Investor objective was both continued capital (equity) growth plus improved cash-flow. Client also owns and operates a professional property management company and directly manages his own properties.


2012: Complete 1031 Exchange (place proceeds from the sale of a California owned property and acquire an apartment complex in the Gresham, 俄勒冈州 sub-market of Portland, 俄勒冈州).

2018: Complete another 1031 Exchange from the sale of another California owned property.

Wellington 广场的公寓, Acquired (through 1031 Exchange),

2012 - $1,825,000. Realty Yield arranged acquisition financing.


In 2012, the investor contacted Realty Yield directly, inquiring about one of our listings, and asked about any other potential opportunities as well. The investor screened and evaluated several properties in the $1.500万至200万美元的价格区间.

In 2018, our CA-based client contacted Realty Yield again and communicated that he was in the process of selling another CA property and wanted to complete another 1031 Exchange (target price range, $5M-$6M). In working with Realty Yield, several potential acquisitions were screened and analyzed.


2012: Investor chose to pursue Realty Yield's listing located in the Portland sub-market of Gresham, 俄勒冈州.

2018: Client chose to pursue an 80-unit apartment property that was also located in his preferred sub-market of Gresham, 俄勒冈州.


2012: This was a very straightforward transaction. The size (price) of our Listing was a perfect fit for the capital available from the sale of his CA disposition.

2018: The targeted acquisition fit our client's preference for a property that offered some value-add upside, however the capital needed to complete this acquisition exceeded what was going to be available from the sale of his CA disposition (NOTE: the price was slightly above the targeted price range plus the current loan had to be assumed because of the very high prepayment penalty that still existed). Hence, additional capital of approximately $875,000 was going to be needed.


2012年:购买 & Sale Agreement was drafted by Realty Yield (NOTE: Investor/Buyer chose to work directly with Realty Yield versus seeking outside Broker representation). Realty Yield arranged the acquisition financing.

2018: Though not considered at the beginning of this engagement, it was decided after considerable financial analysis that our client would sell (1031 Exchange) the 27-unit property he had acquired in 2012 to raise the additional capital needed to acquire the targeted 80-unit apartment complex that was his top choice.


2012: The 1031 Exchange was easily completed in the timeframe required.

2018: A quick and timely sale of his 27-unit Gresham, 俄勒冈州 property was completed to raise the capital needed to combine with the funds from his CA property sale. The dual 1031 Exchange (sale of 2 properties) was coordinated successfully and we closed on the 80-unit value-add apartment complex shortly thereafter.


注:截至12月, 2020 our client still owns the 80-unit apartment complex, the estimated current value exceeds $10 million up from an original purchase price of $7,750,000 in 2018.